United Pentecostal Church of North East India (UPC-NEI) hi kristian sakhua, Pathian pakhat thu a rinna inkhat kohhran a ni a, khawvel puma rawngbawltu United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI) unit pakhat a ni.

Kohhran inrelbawlna leh inenkawlna mumal tak hnuaia hnuaiah United Pentecostal Church of North East India tih hming pu in Registrar of Firms & Societies, Government of Assam remtihna “The Society Registration Act XXI of 1860” in thu a dah angin 1969 March 26 khan Registration No 100 niin chhinchhiah a ni.

UPC-NEI hi United States of America a kohhran International Headquarters hnuaiah, khawvel hmun hrang hranga United Pentecostal Church te chhinchhiah an ni ang bawkin din ani a, North East India (NEI) tih dah thin hi India Unit nena hrat hran theihna tur atanah leh, a ram leilung awmna tichiang tu atan chauhva dah thin a ni.
UPC-NEI hian Unit chhunga General Headquarter chu North East India a Mizoram khawpui Aizawl hmuna Mualpui UPC Complex, Aizawl – 796012 ah a nei a ni.

He kohhran kalphung leh thiltum ber chu Chanchintha famkim khawvel hmun tina hril anih theihna tur atana hun leh hmanrua neih phak ang zela hmalak hi a ni.

UPC-NEI hian Kristian nundan dik taka, Bible in min hrilh ang zela nung tura mitin kaihhruai te, Isua leh a zirtirten an zirtir ang zirtir hi a rawngbawlna pui ber a ni.

Kum 2017 General Conference Report atanga a landan in North East India UPC huamchhungah hian kohhran member Nuai khat sanghnih za leh sawm pakhat  (1,02,111) an awm mek a, North East India chhungah hian District 11 leh Missions Field pakua (9) a awm mek a ni.

United Pentecostal Church International – (www.upci.org)

Kum 1945 a Pentecostal Church Incorporated leh Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ te in zawm khawmna hnuaia din a nih atangin United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI) hi kohhran pawl thang chak ber te zinga mi ani a, kum 2013 khan United State leh Canada ah chuan kohhran din tirh (kum 1945) a kohhran 521 atangin kohhran 4,459 ah a thang lian a, (enkawl mek leh preaching point te telin) rawngbawltu mi 9,413 lai neih a ni bawk.

Kum 2018 report-a a lan danin, United State leh Canada tel lovin, UPCI Global Missions List anga khawvel ram 227 ah kohhran din a ni tawh a, kohhran 34,491 leh preaching point te neih mek ani a, rawngbawltu 36,917, missionary 1060 leh member 4,174,742 an awm a ni. Khawvel hmun hrang hranga kohhrante hi hnam leh ram hrang hrang, UPCI rorelna leh kaihhruaina hnuaia awm te an ni a; he rorelna hi UPCI General Superintendent in a kaihruai a ni.


The United Pentecostal Church of North East India (UPC-NEI) is a religious denomination of Christian belief based on the doctrine of Oneness manifested in God. It is one of the units of the global United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI).

It came into existence with its own organizational and administrative structure following its registration as United Pentecostal Church of North East India under “The Society Registration Act XXI of 1860” with the Registrar of Firms & Societies, Government of Assam through Registration No. 100 dated 26th March 1969.

UPC-NEI is affiliated with the International Headquarters in the United States of America as also with every United Pentecostal Church established in other countries that share the same affiliation. The use of the suffix “NEI” is purely for the purpose of distinguishing it from the Indian Unit and defining geographical limits.
UPC-NEI is presently having its headquarters at Salem Veng (Mualpui), UPC Complex, Aizawl – 796005, the capital city of Mizoram, a state in North East India.

The main objective of UPC-NEI thus formed is to spread the true gospel within its reach and beyond as may be decided by the management from time to time.

UPC-NEI is committed to follow a true Christian life with true Christian spirit and uphold what Jesus and His followers had taught which is contained in the Bible.

Accourding to the reports of 2017 General Conference, there are 1,02,111 members, 11 Districts and 9 Missions Fields in the North East India Unit.

United Pentecostal Church International – (www.upci.org)

The UPCI has been among the fastest-growing church organizations since it was formed in 1945 by the merger of the Pentecostal Church Incorporated and the Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ. From 521 churches in 1945, the UPCI has grown to almost 42,000 churches (including preaching points), 40,000 credentialed ministers, and a constituency of 4.9 million in 227 nations and territories. The international fellowship consists of national organizations that are united as the Global Council of the UPCI, which is chaired by the general superintendent of the UPCI.