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The United Pentecostal Church of East Manipur which is now called “Chandel District” came into existence on March 25,1967 with the timely help of late Rev. Lerthansung, the then District Pastor, Cachar and Rev. J. Damhuala, the then District Pastor of Churachandpur being representative of Rev. Harry E. Scism, Superintendent of India. Initially, before joining the UPC, most of our church members were in different local American Baptist churches. In 1959, Evan. D. K. Biswas came to Chakpikarong and conducted revival crusade. Through his inspiring messages so many Anal people received the Holy Ghost and spoke unknown tongues. Since then they gave up using tobacco, pan, cigarettes and other forms of intoxicating drinks.

But deplorably enough, the work of the Holy Ghost was strongly opposed by the leaders of American Baptist Church. Nevertheless, the Holy Ghost continued to work among the Anals in miraculous way. Three local leaders namely, Pastor Sng. Ngamshel, Chakpikarong; Pastor Sng. Behnung, Tampi and Pastor SP. Lungting, Khubungkhunou respectively, were expelled from their Pastorship alongwith a good number of members on October 22,1966 for taking keen interest in revival movement. As a result, a new church christened as a Free Apostolic church was established with the gracious help of Evan.D.K.Biswas. During such remarkable period Rev.Lerthansung and other active members from Churachandpur came to Chakpikarong and preached Oneness of God among the Anals. Many Anal people accepted the Biblical truth and they were baptised in the Name of Jesus.

The Free Apostolic Church members also accepted Oneness doctrine. They proclaimed the Oneness of God and the full gospel at different places especially at Rungchang, Jangkelching, Analkhunou, Kolen villages and the members increased day by day. The following Free Apostolic Church executive board members decided to join the United Pentecostal Church of North East India :

  • Pastor Sng.Ngamshel, Chakpikarong Church.
  • Deacon SR.Anghring, Chakpikarong Church.
  • Pastor Behnung, Tampi Church.
  • Deacon Thumjong, Tampi Church.
  • Pastor Lumting, Khubungkhunou Church.
  • Deacon SP.Dengam, Khubungkhunou.
  • Deacon SR.Tourngam, Novokom.

The first historic General Assembly was held on March 25,1967 at Centre Office, Tampi village, Chakpikarong under the Suvervision of Rev.Lerthansung and Rev.J.Damhuala being representative of Rev.Harry E.Scism, Superintendent of India, UPC. Altogether, 45 delegates attended the Assembly and unanimously adopted resolutions to open maiden District known as East Manipur District which covered Chandel,Thoubal, Imphal, Ukhrul and Mao districts respectively.

First District officials :

  • District Superintendent : Rev. SR.Tourngam.
  • District Secretary : Mr. NL.Wangam.
  • District Treasurer : Mr. BD.Kongam.

The first District Superintendent : Rev.SR.Tourngam (March 25, 1967 – April 30,1980)

The present office bearers are :

  • District Superintendent : 
  • District Secretary : 
  • District Secretary :